Driving lessons with Striking Baits

Our spicy crab boilies are a fishmeal based bait. It consists of low temperature and pre digested fishmeal´s it also contains other sea derived products.

Despite being a fishmeal based bait it also contains high quality milk proteins which the carp absolutely adore. To really make this bait stand out from the rest we have given it an extremely course texture to give the carp that crunch that they love. The course texture also helps to flush out food signals into your swim to encourage the carp to feed.

The ´spicy´ part of the name comes from its fantastic 7 secret spices and it whole fermented cayenne chillies. The final pieces to this fantastic formula are the digestive agents meaning the carp will digest it faster ultimately eating more and giving you a higher chance of catching.

Sizes Available - 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm

Price = £9 a kilo up to 5Kg
£8.50 a kilo up to 10Kg
£8.00 a kilo for 10Kg

If you wished to order more than 10Kg then please get in touch and we will give you a bigger discount.

Striking Baits
Striking Baits
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