Name: Karl Butters

Personal Best: Mirror: 23.4Ib Common: 21Ib

Favourite Lake: Orchid Lakes

Information: Hello, my name is Karl. I´m 43 Years old I´ve been fishing since the age of 3. I would love to fish Norton Disney, I am currently a member of Four Seasons Fishery and Alkali Angling Club. In 2022 I am on a mission to beat my long standing Personal Bests I´m also going after my very first catfish.


Name: Monty Joyce

Personal Best: 22.6Ib

Favourite Lake: Prefer not to say

Information: Hello, my name is Monty. I am a young angler who is a team member of Striking Baits. I have been fishing since I was little but have only really got into my carp fishing over the last 3 years or so. I prefer fishing smaller and secluded parts of the lake where no one else does with the help of Striking Baits this helps me land many decent fish. In 2022 I´m trying to to beat my standing Personal Best after the capture of it in early December. I am aiming to get a 25Ib carp this year maybe even a 30.

Striking Baits
Striking Baits
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